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Internet Marketing Techniques and eCommerce Marketing Strategy

If you are like most Internet marketers and business owners, you have spent a lot of time thinking and planning how to stimulate a higher percentage of buying decisions from your website visitors.  Professional marketers are tasked with creating an online customer experience to maximize conversion rates.  Conversion Marketing is a practical marketing resource designed to take the guesswork out of the equation and spend less time running complex A/B split tests to maximize revenues. 

Internet marketing professionals wanting to explore proven processes to persuade higher percentages of website visitors into becoming paying customers can see Conversion Marketing in action by reading this eBook.

        Bryan Heathman, Internet Marketing Expert

Every now and then, a marketing book is written that changes the way we think about Internet marketing strategy.   Conversion Marketing presents a new way of thinking about maximizing eCommerce revenue, a subject that is critically important to millions of companies participating in the $133 billion transacted annually on leading websites like, eBay and your website.  Conversion Marketing outlines a revolutionary thought process proven to achieve conversion, with practical promotional campaign ideas for Fortune 500 marketing powerhouses to small businesses worldwide. 

To get started, read a Free Chapter of the book for an Internet marketing education, or check out the powerful conversion marketing resources to help boost your internet marketing success.