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Conversion Marketing is a culmination of experience as an Internet marketing executive, CEO of an online advertising agency, professional speaker and entrepreneur. Practicing proven ecommerce marketing techniques is imporant to anyone operating a website needing to convert more visitors into paying customers.   Using Mr. Heathman’s time-tested knowledge as to which types of promotional marketing campaigns perform best for conversion, you too can learn numerous tried-and-true techniques that can be customized for any ecommerce marketing strategy.  


As we see the financial markets taking wide swings, there is no better time to embark on a proven conversion strategy.  Marketing departments and small companies are under increasing pressure to produce sales results, while figuring out how to manage cuts to the marketing budget.  The trend creates the perfect environment to include the power of Conversion Marketing techniques into your ecommerce strategy. 


Author Bio

Bryan Heathman is the author of Conversion Marketing, a book on converting high percentages of website visitors into customers.  Mr. Heathman’s ecommerce consulting expertise comes from running hundreds of wildly successful online promotional campaigns, plus a few not so successful campaigns.  His theories were formed by working with world-class marketing departments such as Proctor & Gamble, AT&T, Travelocity, Lycos, Nissan, New Orleans CVB (Conventions & Visitors Bureau) and several New York Times best selling authors.  His Fortune 500 experience includes working for Microsoft, 24/7 Real Media, Eastman Kodak and Xerox.  Bryan’s success in corporate and entrepreneurial life contributes to his entertaining speaking & consulting on how to use powerful psychological buying triggers in an ecommerce storefront to convert a higher percentage of web site visitors into paying customers.   


Speaking Engagements

In Bryan Heathman’s professional speaking experience, he combines the art of persuasion with the science of conversion to illustrate best practices and memorable principles of converting sales.  Mr. Heathman’s specialty is to inspire creative marketing ideas on how to convert more visitors into customers through research and innovative thought. 


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To get a fresh perspective on your Internet marketing strategy, ask Mr. Heathman to speak at upcoming marketing conferences.  Topics include:


 I.                   Conversion Marketing – A Silent Salesperson for your Website; The 5 Tools of Persuasion  


Imagine combining the skills of the natural-born salesperson and a master marketer, who works tirelessly 24 hours a day on your website to influence first time visitors into buying your products.  Bryan Heathman explores 5 of the top persuasive techniques used to successfully convert website visitors into customers, leveraging the power of automation in your online marketing strategy.  In a presentation loaded with entertaining stories, listeners will see data from case studies of successful (and a few not so successful) campaigns designed to convert first time website visitors into customers.  Key points include

·         The Conversions Loop – the simplicity of automation

·         Answering the question “What factors compel a person into buying online?”

·         The Art of Closing:  a look into tools of persuasion and how they can be deployed on a website



II.                Designing Blockbuster Games of Chance to Convert 35% More Visitors into Buyers 

Have you ever struggled with setting all the variables in an online promotional campaign?  Walk away with 10 invaluable principles that will help determine complex variables to Games of Chance such as campaign duration, incentive value, questionnaire length and demographic targeting.



III.             Viral Marketing – How to Boost your Advertising Performance by 15%

All the industry is buzzing about the breakaway success of viral marketing programs using YouTube.  Learn 3 methods to structure the perfect viral marketing campaign for your business in this revealing seminar, along with powerful techniques to boost the ROI of your online advertising campaigns.   Discover how building incentives into your viral marketing campaigns can also lower your overall cost per acquisition.


Consulting & Coaching


Bryan Heathman's experience as an Internet marketing consultant is unique, in that he not only designs ecommerce marketing strategy but also uses pyschological Internet marketing tools to convert the highest percentage of website visitors into buyers.  Bryan speaks and consults with corporate marketing departments and small business owners, with training systems on how on customizing the perfect sales conversion process for your company.  


Bryan’s expertise comes from years of online promotional marketing experience using marketing tools including online sweepstakes, surveys, instant win games, viral marketing programs, newsletter distribution, email newsletter, YouTube videos, PPC advertising, blog postings and using social networks like Linked-In, Facebook and Twitter.  Bryan has a keen ability to ask the right questions to clearly understand business needs, then recommend the perfect set of tools for the job of converting visitors into customers based on your marketing budget.  Bryan brings knowledge from dozens of case studies from the largest advertisers to each engagement, ensuring clients benefit from years of experience in the field of Conversion Marketing.


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