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Conversion Marketing:  16 Tools of Influence Converting More Visitors into Buyers

by Bryan Heathman

eBook Overview:  In today's business climate, transacting eCommerce on the Internet represents the fastest growing marketplace in the world - but few people really understand how to make it sing! Harness the online money making potential of your business with trade secrets from this acclaimed industry insider, veteran of more than 150 marketing campaigns in the corporate Big Leagues. From creating hefty mailing lists to launching powerful viral marketing campaigns, you'll learn the tricks of turning the noise of the digital realm into a chorus of eCommerce for your business.

Harnessing the power of promotional marketing within your ecommerce storefront can make the difference.  Understand what promotional marketing tools are right for your business, how to implement them and how to measure your success.  Get insider data on what works and what doesn't from the hundreds of marketing campaigns measured by Bryan Heathman.

“This book uncovers the subtle nuances of human behavior surfing on the Internet, communicated in a clever and entertaining style.  The principles combine the complex dynamics of Internet advertising and promotion which are long over due.”


        David J. Moore – Chairman & Founder, 24/7 Real Media., a WPP Company


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