The Conversions Loop

At the heart of a successful Conversion Marketing™ strategy is understanding the Conversions Loop.  The Conversions Loop blends five primary elements of Conversion, when combined together will successfully convert the highest percentage of website visitors into paying customers.  The ultimate aim is to develop automation using these tools to influence purchase behavior on your website.  Here is the process, at-a-glance:



  1. Attention:  gain the Attention of your target audience via media resources at your disposal, whether that includes traditional media (Internet, email, TV, radio, etc.) or guerilla marketing tactics (trade shows, flyers, classified ads, eBay, Amazon store, etc.).


  1. Engage:  the best methods to Engage your target audience stimulate the Desires of your target audience.  To engage your Audience on an ongoing basis could involve email opt-in, follow your Twitter posts, blog postings, incentives, sweepstakes, join a Facebook/Linked-In group, etc.  Review this free resource of Call to Action marketing tactics and pick the one that is right for your business.  The best call-to-action messages are messages that stimulate the Desires of your target audience.


  1. Psychological Buying Triggers:  incorporate subtle yet powerful suggestions into your marketing copy and website design, designed to methodically move website Visitors past their natural resistance to buy and into a trusted relationship with your Brand or Products.  The book Conversion Marketing explores 16 psychological buying triggers in greater detail.


  1. Branding Repetition:  it is a well-known fact that it takes 3-7 repetitions before potential customers will have enough trust with a website, product or Brand to make a purchase decision.   Achieve repetition to your messages through repeat website visits, email messaging, premium items (mugs, mousepads, etc.) or offline activities.


  1. Ask for the Order:  in professional sales circles, the difference between high-performing salespeople and less effective salespeople often lies in their willingness to ask for an order.  The same dynamic exists online and must be incorporated into your website marketing thinking.


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