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These Internet marketing resources and eCommerce How To tools will provide you with invaluable ideas, strategies and techniques to help improve the sales conversion performance of your website.  Bookmark this page and return in the coming weeks for ongoing advantages of Internet marketing, marketing articles and excerpts from the marketing book Conversion Marketing.


Promotional Tools Worksheet - use this PDF document to brainstorm options for the optimal online promotional tool to generate conversions with your products and services.  This tool is perfect for evaluating which of the 21 most common online promotional offers is best for your business such as online sweepstakes, online coupons, instant win games, viral marketing, games of chance or price discounts.


Pre-Launch Promotional Marketing Organizer - this handy tool is the result of planning and launching hundreds of ecommerce promotional campaigns, and will help you organize the moving-parts associated with pre-launch Internet marketing campaign planning. 


eCommerce Conversions Loop - to get a clear picture of how to convert visitors into buyers, see the 5-step Conversion Marketing process in action to optimize your ecommerce marketing strategy. 


Promotional Marketing ROI Calculator - download this Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to input the variables of upcoming promotional marketing campaigns to get a clear picture of your expected Return on Investment (ROI).  This is an excellent tool for benchmarking past and future promotional campaigns such as sweepstakes, gift with purchase, email opt-in promotions, coupons, surveys and other online promotional marketing tactics.





Internet Marketing Articles

Need marketing advice for your Internet marketing success?  Use this resource of Internet marketing articles to improve Internet marketing performance.


Converting Website Visitors into Buyers:  5 Steps to eCommerce Success by Bryan Heathman.  The beauty of online marketing and ecommerce is the ability to automate sales conversions in a way that is virtually impossible offline without a major investment in a salesforce..... read more.    


The Google Era of Professional Selling for the Non Technical Salesperson by Bryan Heathman - The booming Internet marketplace of ecommerce is changing the sales rules in many industries.  The World Wide Web is a $150 billion marketplace, representing a whopping $650 million in daily transaction more


Learning eCommerce Lessons the Hard Way:  Cold Calling Door to Door by Bryan Heathman - I started my sales and marketing career at 21 years old, “carrying the bag” for Xerox, selling photocopiers door-to-door in office buildings.  I remember my first day of cold calling like it was more


Closing the Sale Online - Is eCommerce Making Face-to-Face Selling Obsolete? by Bryan Heathman  -  Have you asked yourself how you can increase the conversion percentages on your ecommerce website in the absence of a face-to-face sales representation for your company?  We know that a live salesperson can close a much higher percentage of buyers than a ecommerce website.  However, if your company is anything like mine, getting a salesperson to work 24-hours a day is tough.  So to capture your share of the $150 billion spent a year on more